William Derry: You and the world Blog post #2

In my second blog post I have found new information about my topic. My topic is the financial aid system in the world. In blog post number one I talked about the why we were doing the blog posts and talked about different facts ways the financial aid system works. To see blog post number one click here. Blog post number two is about the new information I have found and the a new way I used to find my information. Last of all, I have learned how to use a new way to find information. 

I have found new information about the financial aid system in the world. One new thing that I have found out is what other people think about this topic. I took a survey about the financial aid system in the world.To see my survey click here. One of the four questions that I asked was who was the president of the United States when a reform law was signed to give control of financial aid back to the States? I thought this was an hard question to answer but most of people who took the survey were close to answering the right answer. The one question that all of the people who took the the survey answered was the one that asked what do you think are the factors of being eligible for financial aid in the United States of America? This question was used to see what people thought about the factors of receiving financial aid. Overall the survey went well and It was a great way to find new information. 

The survey was a great way to get new information. I believe that the survey added to my understanding of the issue. The information that I received from the survey was great because I was able to understand what other people thought about the issue. I now understand what people know about the issue. Furthermore I now know that the survey was a great idea and it worked out well.                     

I have personal opinions about the issue. My first opinion about the issue is that the financial aid system in the world can definitely improve. Click here if you would like to visit the Pennsylvania public welfare website. Also I think the financial aid system in the world is a great thing to have and I believe that people who have taking advantage of the system and used the assistance when they did not really need it. Last of all, I believe that the financial aid system in the world will improve and get better.

They’re are many things that I am still wandering about. One thing is how can I help the financial aid system get better? The second thing that I am still wandering about is what new information I will find while I am researching about this issue. The third and last thing that I am still wandering about is why the financial aid system works the way it does. I believe that the process to receive financial aid is too long and should be done quicker. 

The thing that I am thinking about doing for my agent of change blog post number three is to volunteer at my local financial aid office. I want to help them in any way I can. I would like to go to the local financial aid office and learn more about what they do there on a daily basis. Furthermore I would like to learn about ways for everyone to help with this issue.To visit the  Overall I want to learn more about the financial aid system and how I can make a difference.

This symbol is for the Pennsylvania department of public welfare

Welfare can be a stressful thing sometimes. 

The department of public welfare works works with a lot of families.  

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Brandon Yam (Student 2016)
Brandon Yam

Great job! This was a topic I wasn't too interested in, but now since I've read it, I feel a completely different way. You've done a good job in detail. One suggestion would be to spread out your images over the whole blog, instead of having all of them at the bottom. I found it kind of hard to keep up with the information because it was just text after text. If you spread the images out, it will keep your readers awake and hopefully interested.