William Shakespeare's Macbeth

In Ms. Dunn's English Class we collectively read Macbeth by William Shakespeare. Everyone had to write an analytical essay. In the essay, we had to analyze 5 quotes from Macbeth and/or Lady Macbeth. I chose to write about and choose quotes that showed how Lady Macbeth manipulated Macbeth. Based off of our essay we had to do a creative piece including the five quotes. I chose to do crayon art. 
I decided to write Lady Macbeth's suicide note. In the note, I wrote about how sorry Lady Macbeth is for changing Macbeth's integrity. I wrote/paraphrased the quotes I chose in red, both on canvas and on the computer. To read the whole suicide note, click here. To listen to my suicide note and watch the process, click here.

For what couldn't fit into the suicide note, I used the crayons to symbolize. Also, you can't read the note on the canvas because it was done purposeful. 
I put the colors in a specific order to show Lady Macbeth's journey through the play :

Black & Gray: to symbolize how evil & deranged Lady Macbeth was in the beginning
Purples: Lady Macbeth's need for royalty & the want to be the queen
Red: Lady Macbeth's need for royalty transitions into the need to kill; the red symbolizes all the blood that was shed
White: how Lady Macbeth was blinded by everything she wanted & how she didn't care about the consequences
Pink: when Lady Macbeth realized what was happening & how ended her life with an essence of innocence

​Reflection upon my work:

What was your process like in crafting the creative portion of this project?

In the beginning I knew I wanted to do crayon to show Lady Macbeth's journey; however, I didn't know how to incorporate my quotes. One day in class I had the idea for a suicide note. I decided to type up my suicide note and have a peer of mine, Dillon, to edit it. I then hand wrote the letter onto the canvas in pencil and then again in sharpie. Here is a video I made of me melting my crayon and reading the suicide note that I was covering in the crayon. 

What difficulties did you encounter in doing this project? How did you overcome them?
I almost ran out of room to write the note on the canvas, which scared me, but I added more lines to write on and the problem was some-what solved (it goes to the very end of the canvas). 

What are you most proud of in this project? Why?
I am most proud of the way it turned out. I thought it wouldn't look as nice, but I was glad when I finished.

What would you change/do differently if given the chance?
Maybe a more symbolic piece, like sculpting, but I am proud of my project and wouldn't change much.

What did you learn from your colleagues' presentations/projects? 
I learned that many different people create differently. We all had the same base (quotes, the book, etc.) and we all branched off uniquely with our own talents being displayed.

What did you learn about yourself as a result of doing this project?
I learned that I can do anything I set my mind too, even if someone else in the class does something similar to you.