With love to Philly.

To the city that heard me speak my first words in english. To the city that heard my cry for help. To the city that was able to give me a new outlook on what changes were. To the city that gave me my father back. To my diverse Philly. To the streets that felt me run. To the corner stores that saw me grow up. To the busy city lights that heard my laugh. To my Unique Philly. To the young children running around the corner on hot summer days. To the mini hondas roaring engines. To the splashes of fire hydrants in the hood. To my Loud Philly. To the beautiful late night firework shows at Penns Landing. To the busy streets of center city. To the LOVE statue in the middle of what is true life. To my extravagant Philly. To my my colorful city. To my crazy city. To my happy city. With love to Philly



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