Wolf Brother Cole Hinton Independent Reading Project

Wolf Brother

       Cole Hinton

The book, “Wolf Brother” by Michelle Paver is a thrilling book to read. The book is about a boy named Torak who lives in a clan called the Wolf clan. Though he does not live in his clan anymore due to things that happened while in the clan, him and his father now live alone in the forest. Torak lives in a world where people are separated by their spirit animals such as wolf and ravens. There are other tribes that don’t have spirit animals but have special abilities that they possess. One night, Torak and his father were attacked by a bear. But,  this bear wasn’t normal, the bear was possessed with a demon from the other world. It was so strong it could not be stopped. Soon after, Torak’s father was killed by the bear but his father told him to run. In the the book, it says that this is the first time that he was alone. I think this would be a good chance to show people that he can show them that he is strong and can take care of himself. But, he still feels scared being alone. Having an evil possessed bear chasing you and losing your father and only person who was with you all your life might be scary actually to me. As Torak walked through the forest heading north, he found a wolf cub laying next to his family who were all killed during a big flood. The cub was confused why his brothers and sisters wouldn't play with him. But, while the cub was howling, Torak could hear everything he was saying. Later on in the book, you find out why he could understand the wolf. When Torak was little, he lived around wolves which gave him the ability to understand them. Torak’s father told him that he would have a guide to help him fight this evil demon and all the other evil in the land but Torak is unsure about this little cub because he looks like he is not even old enough to do such a thing. Later, Torak and the wolf are captured by a group of people claiming that Torak killed a deer on their territory. The people who captured him were a girl named Renn, a boy named Hord, and named Oslak. When he is brought to the leader of the clan, his capturers tell the leader what he was doing and is immediately to death. But, there is something that changes death into a fight for your life. Torak goes up against Hord and succeeds but is too bloodthirsty and tries to kill him. The clan have a meeting to figure out what to do with Torak and all of a sudden, a shadow comes out of nowhere and attacks the clan. The shadow was human made by another tribe and a little help from Hord. They figured out that Torak would go on a journey to find items to bring to the mountain spirit to destroy the evil in the land. He is also accompanied with Renn and Hord. As they find all items, the possessed bear has now caught their scents and they are in trouble but they get out of it easily. They have now made it to the the mountain but the bear is still not killed so, Torak and Hord fight the bear while the wolf and Renn go up to the top of the mountain to gask the spirit to hear them and it works and the spirit sends an avalanche that kills both the bear and Hord but the wolf is missing. Torak then finds him and he is howling with other wolves. The wolf has now became a adult and stronger now. Torak now understands the bond between them and walks away. I think this book is a good thing to read because it tells a story of a friendship that grew along the way as one person understood why they needed that other person by their side. I also like how it shows bravery in a boy who was scared of being alone and just losing his father and still being able to go on with his journey.
Photo on 6-11-13 at 8.56 AM
Photo on 6-11-13 at 8.56 AM
For my creative piece, I brought in a dog. The dog represents the wolf that Torak finds in the book who later on guides him the the Mountain Spirit who later helps him defeats the evil with him. This wolf is a big part in the book because he also helps Torak become a better person.