Women in Combat

    We chose Women in Combat, because after looking at all of our research from our individual papers the research Brenda did was the best. Also because after consideration we figured it would be the best and easiest topic to explain in the time allotted (for the video). We chose a video because, none of us had the public speaking skills to perform live, the website was something none of us were familiar with, and a paper written by three people never turns out well. Finally, Brenda and I both take digvid, which gives us skills with film editing which gives us an advantage in this category over other participants.
    We ran into trouble with looking for a time when all three of us could work together in person, so our thoughts and ideas on the project all made an impact on the video. Although we had little time together, what time we did spend together we worked extremely efficiently in it, causing us to have a very good video that represents all of our individual ideas of the topic into one video.
    If we had to do it over, I would work on the computers in Herman's room and not these laptops, because they are much faster and would have allowed us to have an even higher quality video. I learned a lot about the struggles women had in order for them to be in combat. Also from a working standpoint, I learned how to work together with two other people on a topic that I was still learning. It was a progressive project, for me because as I was taking in the knowledge I was pushing it back out into a video.