Word Count and Reflection.

This has been- eventful. Like a really terrible, cliche story of some kid trying to make a change, but failing before they even get the chance. This required thought and planning and ideas that I just didn’t have.

So I think we’ll start there.

I picked something difficult, maybe even too difficult for myself despite the fact I was apart of what I was trying to change. My research was spotty for the first post- I didn’t have a lot I could actually look into considering how small my topic was in the grand scheme of things.

I chose cosplay. Something some people don’t even know exists. But hey! Let’s just try to do an entire, huge project on it! That makes so much sense!

When it came time for the second task, the original research, I was- more in my element, I think. I had high hopes for this part of it because I knew I could get people on board for it. One survey and twenty five people later, I had a wide range of responses to a seven question survey about sexual harassment at conventions. After hours of sorting responses, I had a blog post of five hundred and seventy nine words that got my point across.

Then things fell apart.

Our final task was the agent of change.

Originally, I had planned to work with a group at Comic-Con, and volunteer for them, but after countless emails and the inability to actually find them at the convention, that plan failed and I had to start over. Next option: a video/public service announcement. I thought, “Hey, if I can get people to take this survey, maybe they’ll help with something else.”

I was wrong.

What was supposed to involve a dozen people in cosplay with signs about harassment ended in a failed project with only two broken responses.

Third time’s the charm, I guess.

Last resort: a hashtag on tumblr. Last minute, quick to the point, got the job done. Not that effective. Pointless, if you will, but the project was finished,.

So, for one last time, I wrote a post and stretched the truth on my agent of change. It could’ve been so much better if I had the chance.

I think I dug myself into a hole with this. I picked a topic no one cared about from the start, and failed to do much about that. I wish I would’ve picked something better- something I at least felt more passionate about because at the end of this project I’ve come to realize I don’t care about this topic as much as I thought I did. I probably would’ve tried harder if I did.

Now, while I finish writing the final post, I realize these writing times consisted of “How long and drawn out can I make a sentence so I can fill the word limit faster?” because I just didn’t care about what I was writing anymore.

The sad thing? The word limit for this one is three hundred.

This is word 510.