251 Word Sentence Story

It was a sticky, sweaty day, the kind that makes every article of clothing your wearing melt into your skin like a thick stick of butter in a scolding hot skillet or like a snowball in the warm waters of the Red Sea as I sat in Youseff’s dark muggy house on the dangerous crime and crack infested corner of 54th and Springfield, I began to sweat, small beads of perspiration formed along my hairline and dribbled down the sides of my face, more formed in the crease of my neck and behind my ears, I sat continually dabbing myself with thin moist tissues that only left tiny papery balls along my hot irritated body as I wiped a pool of sweat out of my eyes I looked across the room at Kavi, she was curled up on the loveseat, knees tucked into chest, her feet covered in black socks with ugly big eyed frogs with long pink looped tongues and she had her eyes open, I could see her small hazel pupils peeking through her lash invaded eyelids, I though “why does she sleep like that?”, Anwar must have read my mind because he slithered from his cool spot on the floor and crept his sweaty black face right up to Kavi’s and screamed a loud shrieking pubescent scream as her face met his- now of course Kavi jumped and Youseff came tumbling down the stairs, he tripped on a pair of roller skates that were left on the steps.