Work can be Hard

In this interview I'll be talking to my grandpop about his job. He worked there for 37 years but recently retired. I'm interviewing about how was it working at a job that long, what type of things he keep across. And since he was working there for so long, what type of people did he come across, so here's our interview.

Crossing boundaries means that you may upset others because they don't necessarily agree with what you're doing. They feel as though you're doing something that you're not supposed to be doing. They feel as though that you shouldn't be at the level you're at because of your race, the way you look, or the way you act. There always going to be people who feel as though you're stepping into the wrong territory.

While doing this podcast I learned so many things, things that I never even think was important turned out to be very important. I knew that my grandpop working at his job for those many years that he came across some problems even though when he used to come home he wouldn't really complain about it. I also knew that some of the people working at his job had racism because it was only a few blacks working there. While I was interviewing my grand pop I started to feel bad about not wanting to listen to him, like my grandma was the always the one talking about how she grew up and the people she had to deal with. Like if would want for my grandpop to tell me how he feels. So after doing this interview I will start to ask my grandpop about how he feels.

I think what my peers told me really helped because I like taking advice. I think getting advice from others is a really good thing because they pick up on things that you didn't notice. And sometimes it can be bad getting advice from your peers because they might not give you anything at all. I felt like I did really good with getting my interview done but not with the editing. The editing is like the hardest thing for me to do.

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