Work For The Homeless

My previous articles discussed homelessness as a whole and their education. Now for my last article I am going to be discussing the jobs. Homeless people have a hard time finding jobs due to many problems.


The most common jobs for a homeless person are? Well let’s begin with the most opinionated answers, prostitution, selling their selves. People think that because when you enter in certain neighborhoods that are what you see, well that is what I see. I live Olney, what people call the “ghetto”, there are certain areas where the “action” takes place, and the main place is Second Street. Where the drug dealers and homeless people spend there days and nights.


If you look around that doesn’t seem much like an opinion but more like a fact, if you think about it they don’t have much time to get a REAL job. People are homeless due to many reasons; a good 65% are drugs. They only care about their next fix, so selling them selves is their answer. It is not the right one, but it is the one. On the other hand, some a good 30% are homeless due to the lost of jobs and homes. What are they supposed to do in order to get money to support them and their families?


The United States does offer shelters to help the ones in need but some people who are just too afraid to ask for help. Some shelters can help find jobs and homes, it takes time but it the best option.


Why don’t people help others instead of their selves? You don’t always come first.

Well that’s it for my blog edition for now, hope you enjoyed it.