World of 100: TJ Nicolella

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This first graph (above) shows the amount of people in the world that are of certain ages. I believed that if the world was made up of 100 people, most of them would be middle aged. I was right in predicting this, followed by the prediction that the second largest group of people would be young, followed by seniors. All of my predictions for this category were correct and this seems to make sense because there are many countries that have life expectancies that are below the age of the last category (65+).

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This second graph showcases the amount of people that speak each language throughout the world. In this category, most of my predictions were way off when compared to how languages are actually split up within the globe. My prediction for the amount of people that speak Chinese was more than 1/5 of the Earth, while in actuality, the amount is much lower. When I looked at Chinese, I must have grouped it together with Mandarin and/or Taiwanese which would have made the number much larger. For the other languages, besides English, I actually just had no clue as to what amount of people would be speaking each language because I never really thought about the topic. I just assumed that every language that seemed Asian would have had a larger population of people speaking it. 

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The last graph shown (above) is comparing the amount of people that live in urban areas as opposed to rural areas throughout the world. I am not exactly sure why I thought about 3/4 of the earth lives in an urban environment. I guess I thought that most of the world was made up of a city environment like China and much of the United States. However, I was not thinking about the majority of Asia and Africa that vastly add to the percentage of the population that lives in a rural environment.

The majority of my answers were close to the correct answer but there were others that strayed very far from the correct numbers, especially in the language category. I think this assignment gives me a clear view of how I perceived the world, along with my class. Having lived in a city my whole life, it's hard to picture what the rest of the world could be living in/going through when only really seeing one point of view.