World of 100


For one of the graphs, I chose to do the one with the technology. For the world of 100, when it came to pick how many people would have cell phones and how many wouldn't, I went off from the current time right now. Now days 9 out of 10 people has a cell phone so therefore I chose that 70% would have cell phones and 30% wouldn't. 

Male Literacy
For the male literacy, I wanted to chose something that's different from this world. For instance it is common for someone to say that men are lazy or illiterate. That's why I chose more men that could read and write then men that couldn't. I chose that because if there was a world with more men not knowing how to read and write then that world would be at risk because it would have a lot of illiterate people. 


For the poverty part I chose that more people would live on than 2 dollar a day then people that would live on less than 2 dollar a day. I hate seeing people who struggles everyday just to get what they want that's why I chose more people would live on more than 2 dollar a day because they would have jobs and it would be easier for them to buy their personal needs. Also there would be some poor people but more rich people then poor so the rich people can help the poor ones and that will increase the love they would have for each other.