World of 100 Analysis

Religion world of 100
I think it's impressive as to how close the class is with every religion, except for buddhism, which somehow is off by about 10.
Languages(World of 100)
This is just about the opposite of religion, we are wrong on just about every single language. I think that should be put to the fact, that in America it really is a one language country (east coast at least), but in other countries there are many different languages from region to region.
Age of World
The class is wrong about everything, but I think it is mind-blowing that 65+ only makes up 8% of the population.
I am most accurate with religion, I don't know exactly what to attribute to it, but most of my answers were semi-guesstimates. I thought about all of my friends and how many people were the same religion and just hoped that I was right. I was most inaccurate with the language, I know that would be because I am not exposed to different languages regularly. At home, my parents speak english, with the occasional Ukrainian word here and there. In school, we speak english, although I did take a spanish class. It's just that in America we are very narrow minded about language, which if you never leave the U.S. makes sense, but in the middle east or most european countries, most people are bilingual (if not more languages.) 
The most-shocking, real answer has to be about the 8% of the population being older than 65, the average life span in America is about 75 years old, but in the rest of the world it is about 69 years old (researched after graphed.) I assumed that people just lived to about 80-85, pretty regularly. I was spot on in my guesstimates of how many speak chinese, that's because I took in to account they have two different languages, and they have more than a billion people, which is a huge percentage of the population.