World of 100 Analysis

I chose to look at Age, Gender, and Geography. Looking at the actual data i noticed i was far off on gender but relatively close with the other two. But when i think about it i shouldn't be surprised that there's more females than males. That makes more sense than the other way around. Even just looking around the city there's more chance of seeing women and girls than men. Even in the school.

When i look at age tho i was close. There's 30% of children which is about 0 - 17 and above that is adults. Which i had written. When looking at the geography i was off in certain places. Like America and Europe  i had 10's for both and they were 12 each. But i thought Africa and Asia would have closer numbers than to America. Africa also has close to 12 people and Asians take up 61%.

Here's the link to My Blogger if you cannot see the pictures.