Worlds History Portfolio 2014

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History over the years has changed how society looks at religion. Society all the time has a bad effect in our community. Back in the days people were able to freely be who they were and act the way they wanted, over time terrible things happened such as colonialism and slavery this two can be related because they forced people to look like others in order to survived or to adapt to their ways of living, religion was also a big part of history and society  because back then it used to define who you were and what you could do.

In 9/20/13. We learned about how the world is surrounded and ruled by money and how certain things need to be done in order for companies and countries economy to grow. In my class which is Iron stream we were doing a trial about sweatshops and multinational companies , in which we had  to do  trial about who was the most guiltiest in which was consisted by poor country workers, U.S consumers, system of profit , elites which were the government and multinational companies such as nike etc. In the end of the trial we found the elites to be the most guilty because nowadays society is so focused on money that their own government will let things such as low payment jobs in factories in order for them to get a huge profit without care of their own people. In journal # 6, humans relate to the natural world by taking care of it because if we didn’t have the environment like the ecosystem we would die off.

People back then used to take other peoples culture and it used to go by the word of “colonialism” from my point of view it’s invading someone's country over and just for their people and resources. On May 27th we started a project called Colonialism Museum and in this project I talked about the colonialism in which we had to choose a country that got colonized and talk about it, I chose Hawaii and I talked about how colonialism is bad and how it destroys the colonizer, I said that Hawaii’s culture change drastically by the british from the way the Hawaiians used to eat to the ways they used to dress.Also in Journal #46, 5/7/14, I also talk about colonialism by saying “Colonization and colonizer they both change. Basically a colonizer and what happens in a colonization is bad. On top of that when a place is colonized the colonizer will loot from the colonized”.

  The Renaissance was a big era not just because of it’s rapid and inspiring way of inventions such as machines and paintings and also a lot of revolutions and poetry. In the revolution Is a link connected to my French revolution trial that is very interesting to me because the french was oppressing it’s own people and Haitians in fact the only people that had to pay taxes were the poor and the middle class the religious such as Christians didn’t have to pay a penny and so did the rich too. in the end the revolution ended when the poor and middle class took charge of this by killing the king and his  family. The poetry link talks about a poem that I made called the somebodies and the somebodies  were Haitians who lived during the renaissance era and they worked for the french and lived in the French land but they weren’t legally French.

In conclusion Society now and back then was very different but if you think about it  we still oppress our own people by the way they talk, or dress. Back then it used to be whether where you came from or what you skin color was, in the end if you think about it very deeply we are colonizing others so we can get control over them, some colonizer such as media. In the end Colonization like this needs to change just like society needs to do as such.