Writing is a concept that is very universal. It has the power to connect people from all different walks of life. Without it we would be unable to communicate with one another. We would not be able to learn and educate ourselves. For me writing has helped me ever since I was younger. Things like learning to write my name and address are memories that I still vividly remember. They are things that are very important to who I am. Writing helps us to figure out our identity because it connects us to who we are. I can also remember how writing does and still does help me connect to loved ones. It is impossible for me to always talk to people I care about all the time. So whether it be a letter, e-mail, or even text; writing helps me to feel closer to them. In my life right now writing is helping me connect to what my future will hold. College essays and essays in general that I have to write are helping to determine what my tomorrow will look like. For the rest of my like I know that writing will be a very important presence.