#write2connect - National Day of Writing - Daniel Varnis

How does writing help you connect?

Writing allows not only me, but every other person on this earth connect in various different (and similar) fashions. For instance, some people write in a journal or diary everyday so they can connect with their feelings and let go of some burdens in life. Another case of this is the forms of writing within social networks. As of 2006, Twitter calculated that approximately 300+ million tweets are written every single day. That is A LOT! With all of these messages/tweets being sent out every day, there are 300+ million ideas being written, published, shared, and pursued. This form of connection is probably one of the most powerful, yet simple forms out there. It takes little to no effort to write 140 characters (Twitter's character count per tweet limit), but it requires a lot of effort to write something that has meaning. One last example of writing to help you connect is an author writing a book. For instance, we read a book calledDrown by Junot Diaz. This book was Diaz's way of connecting with people around the world, telling the personal story about his life growing up as a poverty-stricken boy, also have troubles with love and confusion in his life. Him writing this book gives people the opportunity to learn from his endeavors and mistakes. Out of all of the examples of connecting through writing, I'd say that writing a book is the finest and most eloquent. The formality of this type of writing is what really set's aside from the others... but in a good way! To close, I'll say that when it comes to connecting through writing, the number of ways to do so is endless; the sky's the limit.