Write To Connect

Writing has always been a way of expressing emotions for most people. Comfort can be found in simple words. Words can be depressing or cheerful as they speak of failure and success. I use words to drown myself in feeling, to numb myself from the pain, though I have issues conforming with my feelings. I either express my emotions too much or too little. Pages and pages sometimes can not depict what I feel, though sometimes just one sentence out my mouth is suffice. 

I do not write to connect with my ancestries, though I write to share my thoughts. I tweet, I blog, I text, I write. To simply show a desired notion, I write to please others, to get grades, I write to better myself and my understanding of the world. I write to educate others of the world, I write to share my knowledge. And sometimes I just write and write to write just because it gives me a feeling of contempt.