Writing Day

People come to Philly because of its historical importance:  birthplace of the nation, home of liberty, we’ve all heard the story.  They come for history, but many neglect to see the city in its current state.  When you walk Market Street, you can feel the people.  So many people, living their lives, buying things, commuting, working.  The air feels alive.  When you walk through Love Park, you feel the activity.  People relaxing, talking, enjoying themselves.  Live music, the bands trying to make a little cash.  Over one hundred shops near Christmas time, selling things you can’t find anywhere else: hand-made ornaments, food you’ve never seen before.  These things make me never want to leave, making life outside of a city seem unbearable.  Too many people miss the most essential part of this beautiful city.  People come and see, but they don’t experience.