Wuthering Delights

In Wuthering Delights's second podcast, Nuala and Julia look at Wuthering Heights through the Marxist, Feminist, and New Historicism lens and how they overlap through acts of revenge and trials of love. Bronte's novel dramatizes arbitrary conflict associated with the privilege of high society living. Sections we mentioned: Feminist lens: Catherine's Reformation - chapters 6+7 Quote #1 - page 93 Marxist lens: Edgar's Proposal - chapter 9 Quote #2 - page 78 Heathcliff's Return - chapter 10 Heathcliff's Proposal - chapter 13+14 New Historicist Lens: reference on the lens were too broad to drawl specific parts of the text.

Comments (2)

Annie Chen (Student 2021)
Annie Chen

I loved how structured the podcast was. I think it's really helpful that both of you guys add a summary aspect to your podcast especially because not every listener has read your book along with your own individual thoughts and ideas into certain themes and all.

James Kry (Student 2021)
James Kry

For this book to only have 2 people in the group, you guys did a fantastic job trying to explain the chapters you've read and making everything flow.