Yasmeen Brownlee

The patriot act is a word that stirs conflict in the world of politics. It’s a controversial touchy subject that has two stories the good and the bad. Those who fight to keep it, as well as those to fight to oppose it. Even though each person has their own opinions on why and why not there is truth behind each claim against and for it. I believe that if both sides work together to create something that worth talking about and fighting for then no one will have a problem. The Patriot Act which was created with the idea of protecting america from terrorism through surveillance means. It was strongly fought against because people felt as though they would lose all control over their own privacy. As well as the fact that the government would have too much control. 

As technology advances so does the ability to hide dangerous weapons that can hold the power to harm more than ever before. Which is something that the government will instinctively revolt back to create even better means for safety. Though surveillance may seem to be something that invades someones privacy it is also a means to protect the people who need privacy. I see the patriot act a a double edged sword, because is in the wrong hand this amazing surveillance power can be used for evil as much as it is used for good. Though i am not saying that Having this doesn't inflict strain on the basic necessities of everyday privacy but if the privacy is kept with in newly recreated laws and restrictions then people won't have to feel like everything in their life is at steak.

Even though we may want to believe in the fact that the government is only using their new power to investigate terrorism. We know that some where in our minds is that they are using there power for the cases that that have nothing to do with terrorism. There are even facts about "The Widespread serious abuse" of the power. As stated in the passage show that even thought there are some precautions in place it is still not enough. To stop things that could have easily be stopped.

The Patriot act despite it's criticism it is a useful weapon in the war on terrorism. Since it allows the F.B.I to investigate Criminals that have ties to terrorism easier than ever. Safeguards to halt misuse have been newly forced in to effect. Though not strongly backed it is a start to protecting america from terrorism. Though it may not me perfect as of yet there are always faults and failures until the final product is finished.