Yasmeen Brownlee Short Story

Something about how something terrible happens to the character like them not being able to do what it is that they want to do. Because a certain higher power is keeping them back from doing what it is that they want to do..
Suzie is stranded on a planet zurg, She is a prisoner kidnapped from planet earth, She knows certain levels of martial arts or at least some defense. She has her trusty side kicks and best friends to back her up along the way. As well as a ton of kidnapped intellectual kids.
The atmospheric pressure is the same as it is on earth so she can breath while she is on the planet.
She wants freedom she was kidnapped at a young age of at least five, with
Super powers.. or real life..

Character chart
Suzie main character age 15
Jamie male/ suzies closest trustable friend age 15

Life on Zurg isn’t normal, it’s run by psychopathic aliens that kidnap children and a reach to new wacked out ideas of world control.

Hey My names Suzie and if your wondering about this story just let me tell you it’s not something that won’t make you think twice about the way you live life. If you even can consider what i am about to tell you life, Like my closest of friends I’m not normal and this hell hole of a place that we live in is Zurg.. Yeah I did say Zurg i know it sounds like a weird name but don’t bug me about it take it up with the bozo aliens that named this place. As well as took us here when we did nothing to deserve this... oh sorry, here i go rambling you don’t even know what I’m talking about. Well I will give you brief explanation of how things started.. It started when i was five, yes five for me that was about 10 years ago yeah I know ten years is a while anyway...
Imagine me a five year old orphan yeah orphan, my parents died when i was younger I only briefly remember them...long story. For another time anyway, though that isn’t where I’m heading with this anyway i lived at a grimy orphanage named Willow Fields Sanctuary For The Abandoned yeah it was a rough place. The building was falling apart from the inside out, and let me just say there isn’t a small amount of children in the orphanage. It was crowded, loud and it smelled terrible, Though this rotten place had it’s upsides believe it or not the adults didn’t mess with us quite that much. Because we were what you call special, Everyone in this facility were incredibly weary of the kids with such high IQ’s that the reveled of those educated adults.
Though my favorite place in this uncomfortable hell hole was a little closet that I used to hangout to read because it was an orphanage it was one of the only places that I was able to get some nice and quiet. It’s not like it didn’t enjoy people its just that I wanted something to myself for once in a while. Ungratefulness isn’t in my forte. I am the oldest of all the kids in the this special orphanage which can be stressful at times but at least it I have the few my friends that I can count on more than anything. My cohort or partner in crime is Jamie he is second in command and was born around the same time as me though in someway I believe that he is smarter. Anyway back to the story..
I could feel something in the garden was off. The usual chirping of the birds wasn’t audible. The door bell rings and Juliet rushes to answer the door..
As the door opens i get a view of the stranger he’s tall with a muscular build. Wearing a black tie and business casual hold his briefcase tightly at his side.
He made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. Though this guest looked normal there was just something about him that just screamed off. I stared into to his stark blue eyes and it felt like they were pulling me in.. I blinked.
“Hey mister, what is it that we can help you with in this orphanage?..” Juliette asked
“There is nothing that you can help me with.” The mystery man said it with such intensity that it took my breath away and that of Juliet's
but you can.. My breath was sucked out of me in not time it felt like someone had kicked me in the gut and gave me a case of major migraine. I grasped my head and let out a scream..
“SUIZIE!!” Jamie screamed and came running caught me just as I was about to collapse. I leaned against him waiting for the pain in my head to ease.
He whispered lightly into my ear.
“Suzie, what happened are you okay?” Jamie asked
PJ came over with sam and kate all holding hands and knelt down next to Jamie
“Whats wrong??”
“Jamie what happened to suzie?”
“Guys it’s fine.” I try to manage a smile through the pain in my head but all I manage in is a grim smirk. “Really guys it’s fine.. I’m not sure what happened..” I turn to look and that man who is staring so intently at me that it sends goosebumps down my spine and I shiver. There is something wrong with that guy and I need to find out. Jamie catches my eye and looks from me to the man. He stiffens steadies me and walks straight up stranger.
“Dude whats your problem what did you come here for?”
He looks him down and says i came for all of you.
And that’s when it happens all of the kids started to scream... and then nothing..
My view is foggy and i wake up, My head is throbbing i grasp my head to and my cold fingers ease the pain but only by a little.. when i open my eyes the first thing i see is a metallic silver plates coating the the walls and floor. I jerk in to an upright position and look around.. this definitely isn’t where i know that i blacked out. The first thing that crosses my mind is where the hell am I and what does that creepy stranger have to with any of this. Jamies soft faces flashes through my mind.. “Jamie? Jamie? guys where are you”
“Where right here”
“Suzie look up”
My eyes follow the voices and i see them all through the grate above my head and there not alone all of the other orphans are with them. But why am i alone, why can’t i be with them. I Keep going over this over and over in my head but i can’t quite come up with an answer. Guys wait for me i will find some way out of this i always do.
“We know”
“Yeah Suzie we trust you with everything”
“Thanks guys i really appreciate”
I survey the area looking for any means of escape so far not coming up with any and then the doors open. The nastiest beings that i had ever seen in my life, green sagging rubbery looking skin and yellow slit eyes. Just the sight of these evil beings makes makes my blood run cold and my knees weak. The first one opens his mouth.
Suzie you have been taken aboard on our ship and you are currently heading to zurg to become the leader of all of the children that we have gathered on this new planet.
I clutch my head trying while trying to stop the unnervingly painful sensation. But i can’t help it and once again an agonizing scream escapes for my lips and i collapse on to my knees.  
To be Continued

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