Yasmeen Collins Q2 Fluency

Yasmeen Collins

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Script for Dance

To start off with  I made a professional dancers picture as my background along with her quote about dance. That quote in particular in my opinion is very unique and significant because I can relate to it. The picture is also of that same professional dancer named Martha Graham. My title is “Dance Is Me” I chose that title because I believe it expresses who I am and one my major interests. A part of my picture bled off my page which was an element of design on the website called Presentation Zen. Another element of design that I used was empty space. Just as it said in the example you don’t have to fill everything in and make it look cluttered.

My Design!
My Design! (1)

In technology class so far I've learned a lot although like Ms. Hull says she sets us up to fail which at the beginning really bothered me. Some changes I made to my slide were choosing between my title and my quote and I chose to keep the quote.This time I have the words from the quote  following the dancer. Since I have black as my background I changed the quote from being highlighted and put it as a lighter color so it wasn't fading into the background. In the quote I lined up the beginning of the letters so it went along with the dancer in the picture. Something I learned from the class discussion about my project is that I needed to change the picture up a little bit so that it’s not pixilated.

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Juliana Concepcion (Student 2017)
Juliana Concepcion

Your final slide definitely looks more professional and polished. I notice that when you made the font larger and aligned it more, it made the slide look very neat. I wonder what it would look like if you sized the picture in a way that it wasn't as distorted (it's only a bit distorted). Overall, your slide looks very professional!