YATW: Original Research

It's been awhile since I have posted a You and the World (YATW) blog. In  my first blog, I first presented my issue of childhood cancer. In the blog, I presented how many kids on average were diagnosed with childhood cancer and the late effects that could sometimes occur. Some late effects include the first cancer coming back, a second cancer occurring, heart damage, or lung damage. Most survivors do not realize these late effects can occur when they are much older, sometimes in their 30’s and 40’s. After using research I found online, I did my own research on childhood cancer.

In my original research, I conducted a survey about childhood cancer in order to get other people’s knowledge of the topic. With the survey I wanted to learn the occurrences of a second diagnosis, since that is one of the symptoms of late effects, but all of the people who took my survey and who were connected to childhood cancer said that it was a first diagnosis. The responses may show that perhaps there is more of a chance to fight childhood cancer and to have it gone for good.

The responses really helped to understand how the amount of childhood cancer survivors has increased significantly over the years. I feel like I now understand childhood cancer better since I got people’s personal opinions on childhood cancer and their personal connection instead of just statistics presented by medical professionals. Through the responses I was able to see the family and friends view on the topic.

Above are some of the responses I received

Even though the responses I got were helpful, I still would have liked if some of the people who had second diagnosis had taken the survey so that I could see their point of view. I wanted to know if their second diagnosis would be something that they could get past or if unfortunately they were unable to move past the diagnosis. While, having this survey information about second diagnosis would have related more to my first blog on late effects, the responses I did get showed how second diagnosis may not be as prevalent.

My next blog will be based on my Agent of Change project. An Agent of Change project is when we go out and try to help with the topic we chose to study. I originally wanted to volunteer at a hospital which deals with childhood cancer, such as CHOP or Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York however the requirements for high school volunteers were summer only or did not fit the project schedule. Instead I hope to volunteer at the Cure Search Walk in May. The Cure Search Walk is an event that Cure Search, a childhood cancer foundation, holds to raise money for childhood cancer research. I want to volunteer to help out at the event by either registering people or handing out water throughout the day. This way I am helping out instead of just researching.