YATW - Blog#3 - Agent Of Change

Hey everyone, as you may or may not know my name is Adlynn Gonzalez and this is the ending to my You And The World project. You And The World is a way for you to get involved with a topic you really like and write three blogs about your issue. My issue is reading in Philadelphia and motivating children to read more. My blogs 1 & 2 go into more detail with my topic and if you haven’t read them yet, please do!

While doing more research on my topic, I found that there are companies that are trying to encourage kids to read. At my elementary school, Pizza Hut would have a challenge for students to read as much as they can, document how many hours that they read and at the end of the friendly competition the class with the most reading hours would get a pizza party. Another program I found is called “Book Adventure” and its a fun way for kids to find books, read them, takes quizzes, and earn prizes. I think that these programs are great ways to encourage reading. I like how they motivate kids to appreciate reading more than some already do.

For my Agent of Change ( something to bring awareness to your topic ) I created a book drive. My book drive lasted 3 weeks and I collected more than 40 books to donate to a library that doesn’t have a lot to offer. I was actually surprised by how many people that donated; I wasn’t expecting a lot of people to donate so it was a nice surprise.

Throughout this project I felt kind of important. I felt like even though I am a teen I could make a difference in this world. I learned that other people actually care about this topic as well, and were actually really interested in what I was doing. Hopefully I could do this again next year. Maybe I could host a yearly book drive at my school and have a fundraiser of some sort with it .

There are a few things I wish I could have done better. I wish I would have started my book drive earlier so I could have gotten more donations. I also wish I had a fundraiser to raise money for organizations that promote reading, but things didn’t go as planned. Now all I need to do is give the books to the library and I will have completed my YATW project. Overall, I am so glad that this project was given to my class and if I got the chance to do it again I would. It was a fantastic experience that allowed me to two of my favorite things: promote reading and write. Thank you for reading this blog and I hope I get to do a project like this again!

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