YATW Blog #1: Kitten Neglection in Philadelphia

    Hello my name is Vilma Martinez in Ms.Dunn's English 9 class and for this project we are required to find an issue in the community and find a way to help solve the problem. An issue I have with the community is Kitten Neglection. Many citizens of this community appreciate dogs more than cats. They don’t realize that cats need as much care as dogs do. Cats roam all over the street and they don’t deserve that. If you are a dog owner and you see a cat roaming around in the street do something to help them out. Now don't go overboard, I'm not saying to take the cat in as a pet, but the least you can do is give it some food or water or milk or a blanket to let them know that there are actually people in this world that care about them. They need to be shown that there actually people with hearts that don't treat them like trash as their previous owners did by throwing them out onto the street, if you know that you are going to get a cat then throw them out onto the street or do anything to endanger it, then don’t get the cat at all. Like, seriously the more cats there are in the streets the more heart breaking it becomes to see those cats die when you finally have the chance to save them. 

In the article The Story of Bramble: A Story of Neglection A cat Bramble always wandered around the streets. People wanted to help him and then one night he somehow he got trapped in a random family's kitchen. The poor cat was so skinny the family thought his legs were broken, but it was his shoulder blades giving them that impression. Someone finally came to his rescue and decided to take the cat into her home, She gave the cat necessary essentials, but she knew he was slowly slipping away. She rushed him to the hospital where they tried their best to help him survive to live a good healthy life, but he died the second day of being in the hospital because his breathing collapsed. This right here is a tragic story that brought tears into my eyes for quite a while. Now the article Justin the Kitten, this cat went through just as much as Bramble did with the only difference that he actually... lived. Now Justin suffered from heinous physical abuse at only five weeks old. When he was found he had been set on fire by his owner. He was rushed to the hospital for immediate recovery. Both his ears were lost because of dead cartilage ( I know this was to happen because my kitten lost an ear due to a similar situation where only hers was an accident ) but he still has his hearing. After his recovery he was sent with a family that actually cares for him and being with that family helped him become healthy again.
And so we say thank you, Justin! You're an inspiration to us all.

    Now people need to learn to care for these cats. If they tend to bad habits they are worth making them change instead of throwing them out onto the streets because you can’t take what they are doing. Give them a chance to change or at least help them change instead of leaving them alone to have no one to depend on. They are innocent creatures, if you have the courage to do that to an animal who knows what you can do to a child. An animal is another version of a child it’s like seeing a baby try to survive the terrors of the city. If you wouldn’t want to see a child in the same position don’t do this to a small creature who has as much feelings as a child. 

    Well my question why do people do this? Why do they decide to get rid of a precious animal who is in need of help? This project will help me get into the community to do something about this issue. Kitten Neglection is critical and it needs to come to an end.

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Devia Terry (Student 2017)
Devia Terry

I like how specific your topic is and the care you put into writing. The paragraphs do seem to skip places and should stay focused though. I would also think about repositioning the last few sentences in the first paragraph closer to the end of your blog.

Xavier Carroll (Student 2017)
Xavier Carroll

I found this piece to be concise and straight to the point while maintaining an emotional connection to the reader. You may want to work with the flow of the sentences but other then that your heading in the right direction