YATW Blog 3: Gay Rights

Hi folks, I'm Morgan and this is my You and The World final blog. My issue was LGBT rights, and for my agent of change I made a blog with my friend for SLA's Gay/Straight Alliance. This is a club that meets during X and Y band in Mr. Block's room to see what we can do to make SLA and other schools a safe space for LGBT students. Our blog url is gsaatsla.wordpress.com. Due to technical difficulties, its not totally done yet but it will be shortly. 

I worked with another member of the GSA to create this blog. Together, we worked to write different pieces on news and opinions we had. He is working on an advice column for LGBT youth and their families. I personally work with following the news, and things like Jason Collins' coming out. We plan to continue this blog throughout our years here and to add more people to work with us. Right now, the GSA is rather small and inactive, but of you would like to help and learn more, please come to one of our meetings or email me at mcaswell@scienceleadership.org. 

One of the things I learned while doing this project is that there is never really any limit to trying to help, sometimes raising awareness is just as helpful. This blog was not my original plan, but I'm only 14 and I wasn't old enough to work anywhere. My plan then became a blog. So, check it out and I hope you enjoy it.