YATW Blog Post #2: Animal Nelgection

​Hello everybody I am back and here to inform you more on Animal Neglect. So in my previous blog post I mentioned Kitten neglection here in Philadelphia and how it affects the city. I have posted stories on examples of how they were neglected and how awful it is to look at this. Now I would like to discuss the topic on Animal neglect in general and I have been doing a bit of research and decided to make a survey about this topic. They are based on basic knowledge to appeal on others opinions. The first question included a ratio in which the viewer would think what a homeless person to a homeless animal is, 14% thought it was 1:1, surprisingly 0% was for 1:2, a solid 43% thought it was 1:3, another 14% thought it was 1:4, and the remaining 29% thought it was 1:5. The results for this was very surprising, I expected a good percentage to pick 1:2, but no one appeared to choose it. Many of this answers were a good shots at trying to get the correct answer, although the correct answer is 1:5, that 29% got it correct without even knowing so congrats! I believe that this answer would be correct because although there are many many homeless people there are also a lot of stray animals. There are more stray animals then you actually think, although you see many people out there asking for money that also don't have a home or food or maybe even family, there are also much more stray animals out there that also ask for comfort and food and the slightest bit of attention so that they actually know that there are people that care for them. I think that this is very wrong and something that can be fixed. Although there are animal shelters that are full and can't accept animals into theŕ hold you can also give an animal to people who would need the company. THere are plenty of homeless people out there why not give them a companion they can be with, they both know that they are secure with someone they would wanna be with. Doing this would be killing two birds with one stone (not promoting animal violence), you get to help the community doing two things. Although this seems like a good idea, there are plenty of other ideas that can help out in the community with issues like these. Just helping out would make a big difference.

Many of the animals that will be helped would be of the biggest population there is, cats. Now on my survey I asked  a agree disagree question to get the opinions of those taking my survey. Screenshot 2014-03-03 at 7.00.07 PM.png

As seen here I wanted to know if it was true for them if cats in particular were abused more than dogs and dogs in particular were used just to make profits off of. Here were the responses of the viewers. I hate the fact that their are people who say that dogs would be more abused than cats reason being that it is not true, they are either equally or less abused than dogs. I believe this as my own opinion because I have seen many of the stray cats that have walked around on my block and I have never once seen a stray dog in all of the states I have ever been to. Here in Philadelphia on my street I have seen with my own eyes that cats have been mistreated very badly and have been messed around with like a toy, this is unfair and discrimination towards them. ¨A dog is a man's best friend¨ is a saying commonly used and is true because a dog is most likely to find a home than a cat would. It is upsetting to think that animals in general are treated differently between one another and can be thought of ways through merely  little stereotypes between animals. This is like your common types in human diversity, it similar in animals. I wanna be able to help trying to shut out these stereotypes. So, to make a difference I will be doing field work on my block by creating a bake sale at my school to help raise money to provide stray animals on my block with shelter and food to keep safe in the harsh moments of the seasons. This is something that would be rare to find someone to do. Something your normal person would do is volunteer at an animal shelter, but I find that to be cliche so I decided to do this. I just hope to have this work out!!!!!bake-sale-sign.jpg

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Colin Pierce (Student 2017)
Colin Pierce

I like your field research and topic. I was surprised that the ratio of homeless people to homeless animals was 1:5. I think the bake sale is a good idea, too.