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 Hello, my name is Haisha Hahsy and I am a freshman at Science leadership  academy in Philadelphia, PA. Now is a point in our English class to show what we care about and how we want to change it by helping our subject. I chose helping the poor in Afghanistan. I have always cared about Afghanistan no matter what people have said or thought about there because; I know the real story that I want to share with all so they can see what I do and so they can help. This personal touches me because I am from Afghanistan and have visited there multiple times and some of the people you see and the stories they tell make you cry. The thing that bothers me is that how can I help them? Now is my chance to help my people the innocent people of Afghanistan. The poor in Afghanistan are not poor because of a mistake or have made the wrong decision and ended up being in the wrong place. In Afghanistan it’s a different story, war and invasions has done this to them they can't do anything about it either, no matter how hard they try working. It just gets harder they work and try but they seem not to get anywhere one huge cause is they don't receive enough  money and the price of things are more than some can afford and the prices are just going higher like food and clothes.

         During the 19th century, Afghanistan was invaded twice from the Britain and India. During the First Anglo- Afghan War of 1878-1880 and again in the Second Anglo- Afghan War both times with the goal of blocking Russian influence in the country and conquering local tribal leaders. For the entire time, tribal cross-border warfare was nonstop, and parts of the Pashtun homeland were taken by the British and India and referred to as the North-West Frontier Province. Finally they got defeated and then in 1919 independence came from Britain. Afterwards the Russians invaded in for 10 years till they got defeated. Then the Freedom fighters started fighting for 6 years. Then the Taliban fighted for 6 years till they got defeated as well. Finally after 9/11 all this war stop, the 30 years of war had stopped and come to end. President Karzai was elected as president and still is president till today in Afghanistan. But in this 30 years of war Afghanistan, it has still have not healed all its wounds. Because as soon as they would rebuild Afghanistan after every war another invaded; and now they are at a point where they just are starting to give up. To help and heal the wounds like we should, we need and should help the ones who are less unfortunate. $1 there is 55 rupees. So if you give $10 it would be 550 rupees that could be a whole meal for a whole family of 3 or 4.

               Quoted from The Child Fund International Fund “ Beyond The War”


          “The war in Afghanistan — preceded by decades of conflict — has had a profound impact on many families. Insurgent attacks, complex international governance and enduring poverty have made life in Afghanistan particularly challenging for millions of children. Many families who fled the country in earlier years have gradually returned to Afghanistan, but are greeted with poor infrastructure, including a lack of health-care facilities, substandard sanitation and not enough clean water.”


The amount of fear in U.S. is nothing compared to what we have seen in Afghanistan

Some of the children just to start with,don't even have clean water at points to drink. We don't fear as much we have the ability to not worry as much.

Time World,  “The Dead Afghan’s Tale” a story that shakes my brain


             “ Abdul Basit has seen what no 7-year-old should see. He saw the dead body of his father Yoldash, an Afghan police officer, who was chopped up into six pieces by the Taliban and left to rot in the sun for nearly 30 days in western Farah province. The Afghan government did not even send a search or rescue mission for him. When Basit and his uncle Gul-Murad finally arrived to pick up the corpse, Yoldash’s two hands and half of his torso were missing.”

The children here can get a childhood so easily even if you don't try too hard. Here everyone is focused on things so far in the future, when in Afghanistan, they just focus on tomorrow.  Afghanistan no matter how hard you try you can't get a regular childhood there is always something corrupting it. The children there don't even have a childhood. Those  children have seen things that no one should have to see no matter what a

But the children are not the only ones facing disaster as Globalgiving  “Save Poor Afghan Families” says


        “Millions of poor Afghans are in danger of starving during the winters or after natural disasters or displacement because of the lack of food. The situation is acute because they do not have jobs, food or homes elsewhere. The poorest Afghans have no electricity or money for fuel and food.”

Poor Afghans in Afghanistan with no jobs, food or homes face starvation in the winter, things only get worse and nothing gets better and when they get sick all they can do is pray to get better. Most poor Afghans die because of sickness and not being able to get food or medicine. When Afghans try to work there is little jobs to get at and when they do find work its not enough money; to feed or reach the whole family its barely enough for one person what will it make feed and cloth a whole family?

         Fear, not having a childhood, extreme poverty are not thing we really have to face in this country. Think about if you had to be afraid. Think about if you didn't have a good childhood. Think about if you had to go through extreme poverty. Wouldn't you want someone to help you? Stay tuned for the next blog post to know more about ways you could help.

The waters of Afghanistan so dirty that can be better

Children enjoying the water they can receive
Beyond the War: Poverty in Afghanistan
Here is my annotated- bibliography   

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Vilma Martinez (Student 2017)
Vilma Martinez

Wow you hit this topic really hard. I would expect that from you, knowing you come from Afghanistan puts a big passion in your heart to do this. I like the way you specify lots of the problems Afghanistan currently has and why they have those problems. It's also nice to know that you care for the kids that are there. Putting those pictures to show examples of what to expect is a good idea. I suggest putting in hyperlinks to show your sources to get a more grasp on what you are really trying to do here, but besides that this is a really good first start on your blog.