You & The World / #3

English 9

You & The World

Homelessness – A Deeper Look

Homelessness can happen to ANYONE.

Ending a perplexing problem such as homelessness requires commitment, patience, and faith. As a community, and a whole, we can, and we will do this.

In the homelessness community, people of poverty are stereotyped. For instance, people believe that Homeless people refuse help which is in the middle of true and false but being homeless for so long can build up a strong amount of fear, even towards the people that want to help you and some people of poverty suffer from paranoid disorders. Another stereotype of homelessness is that helping the people of poverty is a waste of me and in my opinion, this stereotype is very cruel. It’s not a waste of time, it’s more of a big responsibility and a moral duty.

In my first post regarding my you and the world project, I introduce homelessness and people's views on homelessness. I also include the rate of homelessness and how anyone can experience this horrific terror. I chose to base my project on homelessness because people without homes are no different from us, they are still human beings.

For the final part of my you and the world project, I decided to, along with my partner and I tried to get in touch with organizations but I received no responses. I donated bags of clothes that I no longer could fit to a shelter called Dignity & Fairness-Homelessness but, unfortunately, I was too in the moment and forgot to remind my siblings to take a few pictures. My main goal is to try and change the negative point of view that people have on people of poverty.

With my agent of change, I attempted to have a different mindset on people of poverty. I somehow understood where they came from as if I was in the same situation. A homeless life is not a comfortable life, and i’m sure a person with common sense can understand this. No one would choose a lifestyle that is unhealthy, dangerous to their health, stressful, and humiliating so we cannot act as if they chose to live like this, 96% of homeless people are uncomfortable with this lifestyle.

I decided to do this by putting myself in their shoes, how would I feel? The thing that people fail to understand is that we could be in their shoes today, tomorrow, or in a couple of years so we should remain humble. Being homeless is a condition, it is not a character effect or a character flaw so people that think just because intelligence and ambition, nothing that serious can happen to them and they’re wrong. Lawyers, nurses, doctors, teachers, many people have found themselves homeless. Anyone can find themselves in this predicament if they don’t have the finance that they need to have a normal life.

I learned so much while pursuing my goals for this agent of change.

I felt very much positive about this project and I had this strong mindset that I would make an actual change, but I didn’t.

For this agent of change, I could’ve been more interested. That was the main problem that I had during this project, I lost interest and fell off. I had negative energy after my first post.

I feel like me, and others, could still make a possible change for the people of poverty.