You and the World: Helping Those in Need

There are approximately 2,203,067 homeless people including veterans living in America. Why is that? If we are such an advanced civilization, why can’t we at least help these people who are on the street, have a little comfort. About ¼ of these people live in shelters so that means that the other 75% are living on the streets, hungry, cold, and alone without a place to stay or a family to depend on. I think that we all can make a difference. In fact, I know we can make a difference if we all would stop being so selfish and contribute! There are people out there who cannot afford christmas gifts or even a warm quality coat, so they are forced to be cold and without gifts. In a season like winter, it is vital to have holiday spirit, as well as being warm, this helps prevent mental, and even body illnesses such as pneumonia or even the common cold. These people do not even have the medicine to help fight these illnesses, coats to keep them warm, food to eat, or gifts to keep them in the holiday spirit. This is why I will try anything in my power to make sure that there are as many people as possible who will be warm, fed, safe, happy and healthy. Now some people do not want to be sheltered, but they will be willing to accept things they need.

In a few more weeks I will be holding a Coat Drive for people in need, citywide. I want schools in the area to help bring food, blankets, warm coats, and blankets to people in need. This idea dawned upon when I made a reflection on myself. I have an excess of clothes, shoes, and coats, when there are people out there who have nothing. So why not give back? If you can give back and still have more than you need than there is no reason not to. In fact you should always try to give as much as you can, no matter what it is, because there is always going to be someone, somewhere less fortunate than you. This should make us all look back on our lives and see how blessed we truly are.  

This Christmas Season I am going to Mercy Hospice Shelter for Women & Children, and giving food, clothes, and gifts to those in need. I am giving everything that I possibly can to make sure that they have a wonderful christmas. Every season I will be coming up with a new project. The projects will help people in need but targeting specific problems for that season. For example, in the spring and summer, I am planning to donate air conditioners to shelters and people who cannot afford them and I will help children and adults who are illiterate spell and read. This goes beyond getting someone off the street. It is about honoring your fellow man. If we all lend a helping hand we can truly make a difference, i’m sure of it!

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