You and the World: Reflection

My research went well, one thing that went well was my interest in the topic throughout my entire project.  For my research I used some very reliable websites and I found quite a lot of information on anti-semitism. Some glows that I found in my research was that, I was so interested in my topic and I researched my topic a lot and found a lot of information on it. Some grows was I wish I had been more punctual with my work and had submitted my project. My research was very interesting to me and it helped that it was something that I could connect to.

My original research went very well. I met with, and interviewed a Holocaust survivor. He had a very sad story, he lost a lot of his family in the Holocaust and he says he is lucky to be alive. Some glows I had were my interview, and finishing my blog post on time (with an extension.) I wish I had worked more efficiently in scheduling my interview and had done the emailing myself so I could have gotten research in on time without an extension. My original research overall went very well.

My agent of change is where I had the most issues. My plan was to present to students at Greenfield but that fell through. I wish I could have presented to Greenfield and I should have been more communicative with the teachers there and started to email them sooner. I am however proud of my slideshow, it is very informative and I know how to present it very well. The work that I have put into my project is more than many other projects. I am proud of the work I have done and I will continue it after the project and school are over.