You and The World Blog #2

Hello my name is Nashay Day, and I attend Science Leadership Academy. In English class we have to complete a ‘You and The World’ project, this allows us to learn on our own outside the classroom, and get a grade for doing it as well. For my project I am helping the homeless, if you have not seen my last blog post, please click here. If you have please continue to read... Over my christmas break I volunteered at the Mercy Hospice Women & Children’s Shelter in downtown Philadelphia. In my time there I loved how thankful they were for the clothes, toys, and food that was given to them. This made me look at the people around me, and as I began to think, I saw how luxurious we live. Even if you aren’t going to Neiman Marcus and buying a pair a Guiseppe Zannotti shoes, the things that we (people who are above the poverty level) find essential, may be truly a luxury item, such as fast food, or even disposable clothing. So how do we help those in need? We don’t change our lifestyles we just know how great our lives are, and give back as much as we possible can.

When my nearing its end, I went to an impoverished area to better my understanding on my issue. Click here to see my interview. As I was the derelict I saw that a lot of them were in fact veterans, and some even had degrees. They were either laid off, had a mental disability, or just had no place to live. Some of the stories brought me to tears. I honestly did not know how bad their lives were. It is so sad that people just like us were in such terrible living conditions.

Giving back can be something as simple as given your local derelict money, or even feeding someone in need. If we all lend a helping hand, we can make a huge difference. I know that some people make a huge speech about giving back because its the right thing, but we should make this essential. If we can make luxury purchases for enjoyment, why can’t we help someone survive just because it is logical thing to do. It is a principle that is suppose to taught early on in life, but I have noticed, when people grow older, and start to deal with the complexity of life, they forget the core values that were taught to them when they were younger, like greeting and helping your fellow man. But I am still left wondering, why people will not lend a helping hand, is it because they don’t feel comfortable or because they really don’t care?

To help me better my research and data please click here to take my survey on homelessness and remember if we all lend a helping we can make a big difference, I know it!

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Lindsey Jones (Student 2016)
Lindsey Jones

Really awesome and eye opening. Everyone should feel the need to help others. You don't need someone to do something for you in order to do something for them in return!

Zoe Schwingel-Sauer (Student 2016)
Zoe Schwingel-Sauer

I really enjoy how you bring up the matter of helping others as a MUST and not as just optional. You question how we think about others and what we can do! I applaud this blogpost and your research! Fantastic!

Deja Johnson (Student 2016)
Deja Johnson

I love how you set up your interview. I also loved the visuals you used to get your point across, too. You sure did make me feel guilty and you have nice vocabulary. Great Work!