You and the World Girls in Philly

After reading I hope you  understand why I really would like to get involved in helping these girls out. Even You and the World Blog Post 1
     For the you and the world project my ninth grade class had to choose an issue in the world that they found interest in. My teacher assigned this project because she wanted us to help others. She also knew that people these days think that teens only care about themselves. Which is not at all true. There are teens that actually care about the issues of the world. The problem is that some teens think that they’re too young, and think that we can’t help. Maybe we can’t find a cure for cancer or adopt kids from Africa but we can start within our own communities. If I just walk outside I see litter everywhere, kids that really don’t care about their education, and teen fights. Those are tangible things that we might be able to change. I can start with something little, like getting involved with organizations and programs that seek to change things.

       For this You and the World project I would like to work with some girls in Philadelphia. I going to accomplish this goal by working with a camp called Teen Haven. I found interest in this project because I want to make a change in the way some girls think about life. In Philadelphia many girls grow up without a male figure in their life, in foster care, and have been raped. These factors can cause many girls to be depressed and build up a wall. It may also cause hurt, betrayal, and trust issues. At camp we attack these issues in group discussions and at camp fires.
    By reading articles and researching I’ve learned so many things about foster kids.In an article about facts on Foster care, it says that 60,000 children in the U.S. are foster chidren.  As you may know, foster kids are taken out of their home because of bad living conditions. Maybe their parent couldn’t take care of them because of money or they were being abused. Then, the kids are moved to completely different home. It;s like they have to start life all over again. They have to develop new relationships with their foster parents, make new friends, while their are still hurt by the old relationships they miss. On top of that they might be in a home that was worse than the one before. Most of the time their foster home isn’t even permanent. In a few months they might be in a new home, meaning that relationship process with have to start all over again. This might build up a wall and I can understand why. Who would want to make new friends just to have them go in a few months. All the drama that is happening in their life can cause a huge toll on them.  After foster care some girls may not be able to live normal lives. Some may have to though I haven't been through almost anything they’ve been through I know I can make a change. Sometimes all they need is someone to talk to or to comfort them. I hope that I can change their outlook on life, even though it’s rough.You live laugh and grow.

Annotated Bibliography  Click on the hyperlinks to learn more about Foster care.

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           This website is all about Waterstreet Ministries. This website is good if you want to do                                                                                        volunteer work. It’s also good if you would like to send your child to Teen Haven camp.

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                     This website is good if you ideas of getting involved in foster care. The website is           also  good for stories.