Zack Hersh — Quarter 1 Art

My inspiration for art is very random — I can't really track what I'm inspired by and interested in capturing in a piece of art. The pieces I created this quarter in art class all have different stories. 

For the ceiling tile, I knew I wanted to capture something material or pop-culture related that is a large part of my life. After experimenting with several designs, such as different band names or album covers, the logo of Scrubs, my favorite TV show, felt right — it was simple, and captured me.

The drawing of choice began with a doodle — I didn't know right away what I would choose, and I just wanted to see what would come out. A maze unfolded across the paper, so my drawing of choice ended up being two pencil on paper mazes. I often find myself doodling others during other classes.

I found myself very intrigued by construction paper and collaging elements, and my remaining three pieces all explored that medium. For the pumpkin, I had a vision of a 3D pumpkin that I wanted to create, using my interest in sculpting and basic knowledge of geometry. The bats were not as easy to picture in 3D, so they became more traditional silhouettes, but when that didn't feel like enough, I added them to a dusk sky with a full moon over a skyline, not caring about perspective.

The last piece, the self portrait, is probably my favorite piece I did this quarter. It is a merging of all the projects and the elements I began to notice I was attracted to and inspired by: collating, simplicity in the solid colors and lack of detail, and identity capturing. I like how it both does and doesn't look like me and reflect me, and how there are so many more details I could've included. In this piece I see all the pieces that led up to it, and that is why it is my favorite.