Zaeem Wallace-Parker Capstone

My purpose behind this capstone was basically to shine more light onto SLA. I've been here for 2 years now and when I'm outside of school and I speak on SLA, nobody knows what I'm talking about. Some people don't even know that it was school, others only heard of our Beeber campus which is crazy but that's the alternative school. I feel as though SLA has so much to offer for all students throughout Philadelphia but it's not exposed as much as should be to the city of Philadelphia. Most schools and definitely the ones that I live around, only focus on displining the students. They care so much on the rules not being broken that it takes away from the education. Teachers focuses more on who is on their phones and out of uniforms rather than who wants to learn and make a living. Most of the teachers only show up for a pay check! This all that my community, friends, and family think of when it comes down to school. Everybody has a story on getting in trouble rather than a story on how school actually them in life. SLA in  my eyes wants students to strive for success not just in school but in life outside of school. Again, many schools throughout the city don’t have these morals set for students. This why I decided to do this for my capstone.