Zoe Zisser Capstone

The inquiry-based question I presented for my Capstone, was how a Student-Athlete Committee could benefit SLA’s community. I researched the benefits of student involvement and student-led organizations to communities, the importance of helping and serving others, as well as determining common challenges within the role of being a student-athlete. When choosing this to be my Capstone this year, I knew going into it, the execution could not be at the caliber it would have been, had we not been in the midst of a global pandemic. I would have liked to actually start the committee, but with all the unknowns going on this year, that was not possible. However, I created and published a website as my final project that could be a detailed guide for another student one day if they choose to pursue and enact this committee to its fullest potential as their Capstone Project. It breaks down the basis of the idea, what the committee is intended to accomplish, the steps to doing such, idea proposals for fundraisers and events, raises awareness for youth development in athletics, my experience as a student-athlete at SLA, the importance of having the committee, and the valuable impacts it could have.

Website: https://sites.google.com/scienceleadership.org/slasstudentathletecommittee/home
Bibliography: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1R7pDgnNWJuczZG-DlSH39KLL85aTfxmT83bbKRoKJQ8/edit?usp=sharing