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SLA's Amazing Seniors!

​I created a news letter for SLAs seniors who are doing amazing things within the school and the community. Many times all of the news we see is broadcasting something negative and I believe it's time we shed some light on young teens doing good!

  • What did you find most challenging about this project?
    I honestly found that the most challenging aspect of this project was 
    actually figuring out what kind of story to bring to the light. 

  • How did you go about finding this story?

    I volunteered to help with many capstones and projects and I realized that there is good happening right in my face.

  • Why do you think this story does not receive more attention?
    I think that the story doesn't receive more attention because the media likes to make young black children look like they only know how to cause trouble, which is not true. My report clearly shoes that young, inner city, black youth can do something beyond amazing and positive. 

  • Do you think this story will get more attention over the next few months?  Why?  Why not?

    No, because it's not a story most people care to hear about. If it doesn't involve violence it won't get as much attention.

  • What did you learn?

    I learned that the news doesn't have to be the only outlet for information. I, myself can broadcast the good I see around me to others.
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Quarter 3 Art Blog

This quarter in Art I didn't decide to opt out of the class completely but I did skip over some assignments. In the beginning of the quarter I was going through some family issues so drawing wasn't the first thing on my mind. Instead, I chose to do the assignments that had to do with lots of color. I know art is an expression and I only wanted to express positive feelings and emotions. The first project I did was a color wheel. The color wheel consists of the primary colors, secondary colors, and tertiary colors. When I started, I had no clue what tertiary meant but once I started painting it all made sense. I used watercolors to paint my color wheel. At first, I thought I was doing the color wheel wrong because my colors didn't exactly match up to the ones I saw online but Ms. Hull informed me that you'll never get it to be perfect especially with the different textures you could use.

The second project I did was my own interpretation of the Primary Colors. There wasn't a real format of how we were supposed to do, it just had to include the 3 Primary colors. I decided to put the colors on the paper in the form of stripes. The basic premise of my project was to basically tell everyone that these are just the basics and the rest is up to you. I added up 2 of each of the primary as if I was doing math colors but I never showed the outcome. I want people to do what they want with the colors and mix them the way they want to and make whatever colors they choose. It's really all up to them. Art is about what you want it to be so I won't be the person to dictate your artistic expression.

This was the most challenging quarter for me but the work I've completed makes me proud despite everything I've recently gone through.

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Collapsibility: Malaysia v. The Gambia

The two countries I've researched are The Gambia, in Africa and Malaysia, in Southeast Asia. Both countries are going through their own specific problems but both are facing some trouble environmentally. I was assigned the country (The Gambia) when my teach had us working on researching elections in other countries. I was assigned Malaysia when my classmates and I were researching global goods, local costs in other countries. For the benchmark we were given the task of comparing the two countries we had and rating their sustainability and collapsibility. To see how collapsible the countries were we applied the "5 point framework" Jared Diamond discussed in his book. The 5 point framework is fairly simple. It consists of the countries Environmental Damage, Climate Change, Friendly Trade Partners, Hostile Neighbors, and its Society's Response. We then rated the countries on their collapsibility. 10 means they were in good standing and sustaining and 0 means they are in serious trouble. If I could change one thing about my project it would be the time I submitted it and the countries I'd chosen. Since I was assigned these wo countries it would have been exciting to look into two countries from the same regions that I didn't know as much about.

Quick look at my website: 

Screen Shot 2012-03-27 at 6.23.39 PM
Screen Shot 2012-03-27 at 6.24.36 PM
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World of 100 Analysis

The World of 100 analysis was an assignment given to us that required us to imagine the world as if only 100 people populated it. For the assignment we had to look at critical global issues and distribute the weight of "how much" and "how many" with our numbers only being able to add up to 100. In many of my graphs, when compared to the actual answers, my predictions are far off. In my education chart I was way off. I was so off because in my mind I believe that in almost any place that isn't Europe or America, women aren't treated equally. My view on women all around the world is a bit biased and by looking at the correct answers to this assignment, my eyes have been opened. The one graph I did get right was my language graph. I predicted that the amount of people who would speak English would be about 5 and I was correct. 
I think that the most accurate category is Literacy. People are pushing for education for all and it's taking a good toll on our world. The number of males who are able to read and write is only 9 more than the number of females who are able to read and write. This is also the most shocking because I can remember reading about a time where women weren't even allowed to go to school. The whole assignment was very interesting.

Here are my graphs comparing my predictions to that of my classmates and the correct answers. They are as follows: Education, Language & Drinking Water

Education Chart
Language Chart
Water Chart
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Q1: Figure and Clear Object Drawing

Honestly, I create the pieces I do because they are assigned to me. Although, my goals are not assigned, I’ve set my own. My goals and aspirations for this class are to just enhance my drawing and creating skills. I would like to be able to draw more precisely and with more accuracy than I do now. Another goal is to change my view of art. I see it as a class but I don’t equate it to my other classes, which isn’t fair. I know Ms. Hull takes Art seriously as my teacher and I should do the same as a student. I want to turn in all my assignments on time and treat art like a main course. Art was never my favorite subject but I know that if I indulge myself into the class and the work, it could be something I’d enjoy.

            Before I make any decisions when I’m working I consult the Art teacher or the assistant teacher. Since they are experienced they know how to manipulate my ideas to make them better and greater than the ideas I originally had. Many of the times the art teacher gives us the material to use but there are many ways to use one single material/tool. Since I’m a beginner many of the techniques are taught then assigned to us so we can practice and perfect them. Many of my own techniques are simple. In the end, I’m just doing as best as I can to make a replica on paper of what I’m seeing in real life.

            My latest piece of work was the clear object drawing. If you look at my first figure drawing and compare it to the clear object drawing you can see that effort put into them is completely different. During the first drawing I was worried about how I didn’t like art but in the second one I didn’t care about that, I just drew the object to the best of my ability. I’m proud of my second piece because it was the second real piece of art I’ve constructed. I also love it because of the tool we used which was charcoal. I enjoyed constructing this so much because when working with charcoal I’m reminded that in the beginning things may look thick, dark, and unable to be erased but with a gentle brush over it, it can change into something much more pleasant.  


Full body drawing
Clear drawing
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Musical Blog Posts 1 and 2

Blog Post #1

​For my physics music assignment I decided to build a wind chime as my instrument. A wind chime is played not by mouth or string but my a hand and a hard object, ie mallet. Sound is only produced when another object hits one of the wind chimes. Typically a person has a mallet or stick and hits the wind chimes that are of different lengths to produce different sounds. Wind chimes are a bunch of pipes made out of metal that are of different lengths. They are generally places on strings and hung from ceilings. The shape of the wind chime makes me think that the length plays a big part in the sounds that are produced. For instance if you have a longer pipe the sound will be deeper and lower. When learning about waves I related it to my instrument. Different wavelengths produce different sounds because of the different frequencies. All of the pipes of the wind chime have different frequencies.

Blog Post #2

I want to design my instrument in a way where it isn't necessarily "easy" but more manageable. I want to make it so it is portable but still large enough to produce a good sound. Since taking a more in depth look into waves, and energy transfer with waves I've learned that, with my instrument, when another objects strikes against it, the energy form it transfers into the pipe and vibrates it. The vibrations cause the sound waves and the sound waves have wave lengths that make the sound. With my wind chimes the pitch of the instrument will change according to the length of the instrument. To build my instrument I will be using copper pipes, string, and wood. I'm using copper because it was the metal my teacher chose but really any metal will do. Once my instrument is built I will play it by taking another piece of metal and hitting it on the pipes. 

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