Colony Collapse Disorder Blog #2

As I said before, Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) can affect humans in a major way.  I never realized how many plants bees pollinate! I eat like, more than half of this stuff! These are your average every day foods! You will be shocked at how many of these foods that you eat are pollinated by bees. With out pollination from bees:

-The US will lose a little more than 15 billions of dollars in crops.

-It will take a huge toll on your diet 

-Food for the animals that we eat won't be available

-The balance in nature will definitely be off

- Once one major help (bees) die, other things begin to die, which will lead to us and starvation.
After doing some more research I had to sit down and realize that this is real. I didn't have to do anymore research to know that. This is very important to me because I love gardens and bees and nature life. I've experience what it's like without bees and it's pretty dead.  In my back yard, well my grandfather's back yard, he had a garden. It was beautiful. And I mean beautiful. Every time it would rain I would just sit outside and stare at it. At all the wonderful colors. God didn't mess up when he made nature. Before our neighbors moved in we had more space and we grew sunflowers. I usually would be scared to go outside because there were so many bees! As a young girl I never knew it was because of them that I have juicy peaches, delicious grapes, sweet melons and more! And then as the years went by, people started moving in, the garden wasn't being taken care of and the flowers were cut down (for the portion of my new neighbors back yard). A bee barely passes by anymore and all my grandfather's garden is, is a space full of leaves. 

Often I wonder, how can I save them. Because right now they matter more than anything. Because of them we have all these wonderful crops and we just slave them around. I wonder how I can help and how I as one person can make a difference. I don't think its fair to put bees through so much just because we need the food. By putting them through this we are actually killing them more. But it's all about the money and I want to change that. 

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Here is a picture of an unpollinated garden 

Here is a picture of a pollinated garden

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