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Since my first blog I decided to go back to past to where it all started.  I went back to talk to my old advisory teacher from my middle school.  She had our class do a Need and Deed based off of animal abuse.  During the process we connected the dots between animal abuse and child abuse.  This made me go back to interview her about how she felt about the whole topic. I never got to hear how she felt in the six grade now It’s her turn. I did interview some of my friends  with different questions. I wanted to know how they felt about this topic, because some people take it serious and some don’t  Unfortunately the interview did not save correctly but I did get a interview with a animal lover   . (insert link to interview)

After interviewing my teacher I wanted to do a little bit more research. How are animal and child abuse related? It’s simple actually, By abusing a living being that cannot defend themselves or speak out, the abuser shows its power and control. Abuse is abuse no matter how you see it. In clip you should see the women at the end says “If someone could let a dog get into that position what else would they do?” It’s sad how someone could not take care of a simple animal. In the clip the abuser has a child of his own.  If you couldn’t take care of a little animal why buy one? Yes times are tough... but just leaving a puppy to die is like leaving a baby in the streets alone. I think if you can’t afford to take care of the animal take it to the shelter. Just like with a child if you feel you can’t be responsible for it take it to a adoption center or a home. It’s the right thing to do.

The following pie charts show the shocking truth behind animal and child abuse.  The most popular way abusers, abuse animals and babies, is simple neglect.  Which just means not feeding or bathing the animal/child. The scariest thing to me was seeing the ways people abuse animals. I could never ever burn a animal with fire or fireworks. It’s like what kind of craziness!!! Everybody and everything deserves a peaceful death. Not being beaten to death or blown up to pieces.

The new research I did was really depressing. It was sad reading about abuse just in general.  It really got me thinking this is a huge issue.  There has always been abuse but the amount of cases grew in the past year. It’s getting worse by the minute. I think if we don’t put a stop to this all the shelter in Philly will be too crowded and won’t be able to help save the helpless animals. I wonder what would happen if the helpless would never get help? Would there still be dead bodies all over? Will strays stay stray and die alone? It’s the sad truth.  For my next blog I want to give back to the animals. I want to find them a nice home where people will love, not hurt them.

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Allison Kelly (Student 2016)
Allison Kelly

I really like the graph because it described your information in a clear way. I really enjoyed reading about your topic! I cant wait to see your agent of change project!

Esperanza Gonzalez (Student 2016)
Esperanza Gonzalez

Hey! I like the way you interpreted some of the information on a graph. It was easy and fast to understand. I wonder what would happen if the helpless would never get help? I really like this topic! Good job!

Jesse Shuter (Student 2016)
Jesse Shuter

I really liked your paper. I found it to be very informative on an important topic that not many people know about. I didn't realize that their were so many ways of animal abuse. It really is terrible.

Stephanie Dyson (Student 2016)
Stephanie Dyson

This post is very, very touching. You seem in tact with your and in touch with your project. I appreciate that you care so much; I think that's the goal with all of these. To make it personal. Nice.