How to Greet Someone When You First Meet

Well there is a way to greet someone in Spanish. The word to say hello is ¡hola!. Well after you say hi don't you want to ask for their name? Well the phrase to ask them for their name is ¿Cómo te llamas? or to ask an adult you got to ask formally ¿Cómo se llama?. As you can see I underline "se" is the sentences. When you ask a adult you have to use "se" not "te". 

As you can see here there are flashcards you can use to study spanish anytime and anywhere.
Well now I'm going to show you how to answer and ask how are they in spanish. When you ask how are they there will be three phrase for asking how are they. For example ¿Qué tal? or ¿Cómo esta? (tú or usted). Well "usted" is used at the end of the sentence. It is used when asking an adult, tú is used to ask a friend or someone younger than you. So one day if you want to ask your grandparents how are they you should say "¿Cómo está usted?. Well when you answer there are three possible. One possible phrase is Mas o menos, Muy bien, or Muy horrible. On the bottom here there are flash on how you say these things. When you wanna ask someone back you would say "y Tú" it means how about you. Then the person answer back.
Well here is an example for a realife situation of how you ask and answer a " how are you doing" type of questions.
When they ask you you have to end the conversation by saying nice to meet you or nice talking to you right? Well there is one phrase "mucho gusto" means nice to meet you and the way to answer is "igualmente" means  likewise.
This video is going to be about this lesson of how to introduce you. In this scene you will see a guy and a girl. Who are actually meeting each other for the very first time. In this video you will hear these two saying hi to each other. Then the guy asks the girl for her name. After the girl answers him, she also want to know his name so she would say “¿Y tú?” which means “and you”. Also pay close to how they ended the conversation with the words “mucho gusto” meaning “nice to meet you” and “igualmente” meaning “likewise”.
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