Learner's Permit, License & Registration

             For the bureaucracy project we had to pair up and choose a task. The overal driving process wasn't difficult however it took a lot of research to understand some of the forms and to really be able to identify what has to come before what in the process. In my partnership first we assigned the roles for each other and then we both started looking for paperwork. I created the flowcharts while my partner filled out the forms and went back and made suggestions so that I could edit. The paperwork is very straightforward once I understood the process in which they needed to be signed and also what the different abbreviations for forms were. 
             If I could change anything I would change the registration process because even though it's very simple finding the papers making sure you have them all is the difficult part. 

Here is a link to our Lucid Chart for receiving a Learner's Permit & a Driver's License. 
Here is a link to our Lucid Chart for how to Register your Vehicle.