PYPM Alisha Rothwell

The Philadelphia Youth Poetry Movement is a Movement that allows young free wild and DOPE poets to expreses them self using words. One day I attend one of there big slams and was amazed on how students from different school came up on a stage and told the crowd a story.  Not any old story, but one that they felt deep down inside. And when one of the students would get thrown off or stubble the crown would stop and cheer them on I though this was amazing. I later on joined the PYPM team. I stand for our SLA poetry club along with others.A poetry slam is where kids from different school come on stage and performs a poem and judges rate them from 1-10. But all students already know that no matter what the score is we know that they did good. Slams are at the franklin insitituted. PYPM is good place for kid to let there voices be heard. I think that everyone should go to one of the slams because there big and good.Which schools speaking words?

Capa                                                        Girls High                           OverBrook             Youth Build

Plymouth WhiteMarsh                            Constitution                        Upper Darby

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Mingxue Zheng (Student 2015)
Mingxue Zheng

I notice that your blog does not explain what the issue is and it is more like a personal experience diary. Also, you have errors on correct word usage and some parts of your paragraph are confusing.

I wonder if you could include hyperlinks or some interesting videos about the performance.

What if you change this diary like paragraph to something that could symbolize change. Is there a rule in this movement that you want to change? Or any unfair rules in this movement?

Alisha Rothwell (Student 2015)
Alisha Rothwell

I felt like becuase i have more blogs to go and i do not want to feed you all of this information in one time.

I do plan on for more years to come t work hard and get better in my poetry.

I do not want it longer. I feel like if it was longer i could lose the sttion of my other peers that is reading it.

Alexa Eddy (Student 2015)
Alexa Eddy

I notice: That your post is pretty short.

I wonder: If your planning to do some good poetry in a poetry slam.

What if: You could make this post a little longer?