Q3 BM Reflection - Ian McClendon

The topic that I choose was the Cold War between America and The Soviet Army during 1947-1991. I picked this because I knew that there is a lot of unsolved mysteries and missing information from that time period of history. Also because of the interesting facts that with just a little research you can feel like your discovering a mummies tomb. By writing a paper about it I felt that I could explain the Cold War thoroughly without flipping through a slide show and not being able to explain all the information needed to be said in a certain amount of time. Speaking of time, I would say when working that time was a problem to me but also getting caught in the evil research loop when you get stuck and don't know what to look for next was a reoccurring problem. But some strengths and things that I gained from this paper was actually how to conduct a seven page paper and others for improving on citing my sources in my bibliography. Also all this new information about the Cold War it's self. If I could restart this paper and reflect off of the mistakes that I made there would be quite a few changes. For one my process on completing is definitely a changing factor also where to look for most information. I was looking in the wrong places and getting data that didn't pertain to my topic. Last but not least to be way more organized. To look back and reflect I learned a lot and can do better the next time.