Teach Me How To Douglas Herman

So how did I come to this point. After attempting to fallow Ms. Hulls instructions, it came up with what you see in this present moment. It all started from drawing boxes on a paper. From the paper we learned the horizon line, one-point perspective, and birds eye and worm eye view. Using the acquired skills, I applied them to making a one-point drawing of the room. My perspective started with me looking at the smart board. Then center dot was supposed to be at the middle of the board. So I drew the front wall. Then I started making the window. After that, I attempted to draw the chair but got frustrated in at the end. Pretty much it. Not the most interesting story but thats how it is.

Process: It all started form the drawing the smart board. I draw it and use it as an anchor for finding the center of the room. Well, at least I tried too anyway. From the center of the room, I started to draw the two doors that were on either side of the smart board. That help establish the edges of the that one particular wall. From the left side of the door that was on the left, I started on the windows. Not the best thing ever, but I tried. All the lines were supposed to go to the vanishing point that was I the smart board. After that was established, I got working at the back part of the room where it kind of went in. I drew that door and everything seem to fall I place. Then it got all weird and the flow was disturbed. 

The easiest thing to learn was establishing the horizon line. The hardest thing to learn was the one-point perspective. It was hard to make everything even with everything else. It was extremely challenging, but my efforts are shown in the picture above.

I find  Nick Doroba's  drawing to be very extravagant and professionally produced. It makes you feel like your in the room, with great detail added to the drawing as a whole. It's in perfect one-point perspective that is simply unbelievable.