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 a poem about cutting and a girls experience with the issue.

- celebrities who cut themselves. click for shocking things you see and read!

Question Credits to Klarissa. I got most of these questions and answers from the interview I did with her.

Analysing the data from my survey:

According to the survey I sent out on Facebook a lot of people either used to or currently cuts themselves. Most of them said they cut themselves because of bad home life, bullying, problems in school, and depression. Some other answers that I received for this question was that they cut themselves because of family, friends, they felt alone and hated and since they were diagnosed with anxiety they would have anxiety attacks very frequently. All of the people that responded to my survey said they started it in middle school between 6th-8th grade. Also they all said that the reason why they  think because self harm is because it is an easy way to ease pain, it helps them solve the problem for now. 

My story:

Hi. My name is Angelica Lorine Owens and this is my story. It all started in 6th grade. I had got tired of being bullied and I was dealing with things with myself and things like that. I had been bullied since I was in pre-K and I never could really stand up for myself that much. I have been through a lot in my life and in 6th grade I had enough. In 6th grade I was bullied to the most I could take. I knew a lot of friends who cut themselves because of their issues so I figured it’s ok to do that too. At the moment when I got home I found the sharp edge of a nail clipper and I cut myself for the first time. It was never deep for it to bleed, just so I could feel the pain. That first cut felt good on my wrist. Finally after 2 or 3 years later in 8th grade I got tired of all that and I started writing poems but I had forgotten about my past or forgiven the people who hurt me. Near the end of the school year I had a mental break down and I threatened to commit suicide because I was dealing with a lot of things and I was dealing with finding myself and my identity wise which now i completely understand. I then went to a mental facility but they did not help at all because I was there too long to actually get in there but after all this I just went to poetry when ever I was dealing with something. I no longer am cutting myself but it still is tempting to do so but I just think I'm not about that cutting life anymore. I am not saying that I am happy about cutting myself because I'm not but I just admit that I did it and to move on from this issue!

I interviewed my sophomore friend Klarissa about this topic and she also said that she cut herself from depression, sadness and feeling alone and that she started cutting herself at the age of 12 years old. 

celebrities who cut themselves:
1) princess diana
2) megan fox
3) christina ricci
4) courtney love
5) Amy winehouse
6) Demi lovato

Real people aren't the only people to cut themselves celebrities do also.
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​Poem: Cut

The pain

The relief

Feeling of cutting

Is an addiction?

The relief feel from simple cut

Relief of anger

Relief of pain

Cutting can help

Everyday i think could i ever be beautiful

I feel can i ever get rid of the pain

Can i ever feel loved

Everyday i try and think positive

When i cut i feel a sense of relief from all anger

Every cut is like a trip to heaven

I feel as if can i get rid of the bullying

The pain is all gone now

Cutting is a sense of relief

I think can i ever be skinny

Can i ever be as beautiful as my crush

One thing i know is that i will be as beautiful as people make me seem

The pain

The relief

Feeling of cutting

Is it an addiction??

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Jiwon Choi (Student 2016)
Jiwon Choi

I like your blog post of how you have poems about it. I learned about come celebrities who tried to harm themselves also. I also liked the courage that you had to tell about your story.