A Caged Bird

I have permission to not post my essay here

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Zahira Tucker (Student 2019)
Zahira Tucker

This video alone without the essay is amazing and very heartfelt. I teared up wipes tear okay but I learned a lot about how you feel about your adoption and how you have many questions revolving around what would have happened if you had never gotten adopted. Also, you used a caged bird as a metaphor for yourself which is awesome. I think both of your techniques were used in a very good way. Kudos to you keep it up this is awesome.

Waverly O'Neal (Student 2019)
Waverly O'Neal

I thought your video was very moving, everything from the pictures to the words to the music invoked so much emotion. I am glad you shared this and gave me insight to your past and your feelings. You used your techniques well

Alexandrea Rivera (Student 2019)
Alexandrea Rivera

I like how honest you stayed and showing many different pictures throughout the video. The repetition helped with the emotions the reader feels when reading the text and seeing the pictures of a young baby.

Aysha Siddiquee (Student 2019)
Aysha Siddiquee

I felt that your video is very strong and powerful it immediately causes an impact on the audience and draws them in. I learned more information about their adoption and how they personally feel about it. Their techniques did work they also made the video and or story more powerful and strong. Repetition allowed certain phrases and words to stick to the audience.

Catherine Long (Student 2019)
Catherine Long

The essay techniques that I used:

  1. Questions- I used questions that I had gotten often growing up
  2. Repetition- I used the line "Once upon a time there was a small caged bird, Minh." in the beginning and in the middle of my essay.