A Day In Technology Class (Reflection) - William Huang

In class, we watched a video about a boy by the name of Jack. Throughout the video, Jack gets bullied by what seemed like his classmates. During each of those instances, we are give the choice to press an "eye" emoji, which turns the bad situation into an alternate, positive one. Then, we did an activity on Canvas where we checked what our online profile was like.

In reference to the topic of bullying, this video brings to my mind just how scary and lonely it can be to get bullied.

Online, I almost do not exist. After the search, all I found were some comments I posted on YouTube a while back, and a blocked-off Facebook page that might by mine.

There really isn't much on the internet for people to perceive me by, considering how limited my appearance is. 

The goal of internet trolls is to make other people's day miserable. Not exactly, but they find joy in doing so.

The positive aspect of online anonymity is that people won't be able to identify who you are. At the same time, the negative aspect of online anonymity is that you won't be able to identify other people either. This way, if you happen to ever by preyed upon, you would never know who the person on the other side is -- the person who is doing it.