A Nicknames Aftermath

Whether it’s a friendly nickname that people may have for someone or an insult to describe people they hate the most, nicknames can have a lasting  effect on the person. Majority of the time when people have nicknames each other it signifies a close bond between the individuals. As oppose to insults which obviously indicates a strain of tension between them. Sometimes nicknames aren’t even accepted. In some cases names are given to people based on their physical appearances 0r personal issues that they deal with. Nicknames become harmful when The victim in the situation never addresses the issue and it eventually becomes what they are known as.  

In Chapter 1 of “ Lord of the Flies” by William Golding, Ralph and Piggy have just encountered each other on a deserted island and Piggy who is a rather heavy boy shares  personal experiences of being teased with Ralph. “Ralph was faintly interested. ‘What was that?’. The fat boy glanced over his shoulder, and then leaned toward Ralph. He whispered. ‘They used to call me ‘Piggy’’”-Pg. 11. In this quote Piggy is explaining to Ralph what he used to be called back at his school. Because of his size and weight the name was Piggy. Although he has shared this with Ralph he just wants it to be between the two of them. Furthermore in the story Ralph and Piggy find a conch (a fancy seashell) on the beach. They blow through the conch to alert anyone else who may be on the island. After a numerous amount of  attempts other boys their age slowly start to show up. These boys along with Ralph and Piggy begin to assist each other in surviving on the island. As the boys are introducing themselves to each other Ralph accidentally tells the others Piggy’s name. Piggy is extremely outraged and goes off on Ralph.

This situation connects to many more in today’s society. For example the nicknames that people have made for the infamous president of the United States. According Billboard Names such as Cheeto, Agent Orange, and The Angry Creamsicle all come at his short temperance, insanity, and orange hair. Does he deserve to be called these names? Very likely, but regardless of what the person has done bullying or assault shouldn’t be the only the option.

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Donald Moses (Student 2020)
Donald Moses

To me, a way to solve this problem is to just ignore the nicknames if you take it as an insult because if people keep saying it to get on your nerves then the more you ignore them they'll have a reason to either stop or continue as it doesn't affect your reactions or over time they gain a better behavior and actually be polite and formal to you.

Abraham Gayer (Student 2020)
Abraham Gayer

this is the first thing I noticed about your essay, there is a 0 instead of an o in the 5th sentence. something I learned was people call Donald Trump a cheeto and that knowledge will help me throughout my life. this behavior could be avoided if people would stop being jerks and calling people names but we all know that will never happen