A Woman’s Worth

Equal rights for women have been changing for over decades. These laws are there to protect the rights of men and women. In the early 1900s, women were given small opportunities aside to feel equal to men. Men have more opportunities than women because they seem more superior. Then again, women are more beneficial to these laws because it supports the many women who don’t have rights which makes these women oppressed. By doing this, it takes away from a woman’s quality and perseverance. Despite having the same legal rights as men, women are still disadvantaged in comparison. The disadvantages included, gender price discrimination, psychological discrimination and many more that are equally unjust.  

The cost of female sanitary items and female undergarments has been a very controversial topic. This included the many harms of gender taxing against women of all ages. The Pink Tax is extra money that women have to pay towards their hygiene products and sanitary items. According to an article from Yahoo Finance, a Consumer Report included “women’s products cost more to manufacture, used different formulations or were assigned higher prices by retailers”. That doesn’t give retailing companies the right to make female product cost more because the manufacturing rate, it just makes them targeter trying to get extra money in their pockets. Some products that have the same manufacture and production process, are found from retailing companies for both men and women. Degree deodorant at Walmart was $3.88 for women, $2.47 for men. Deodorant which is  a requirement for healthy hygiene is used by everyone and cost more for females because of the packaging, for it to look more appealing to women to buy. Walgreens has a 3-pack of Gillette razors at $11.99 for women and $10.99 for men. Once again razors, something that everyone uses cost more for women but serves the same purposes as it does for men.Women get paid less than men and are still at harm to afford female necessities.

From a psychological view, Male dominance in environments like workforce are a improper maldistribution of power compared to women. This act of male dominance indicates sexual harassment not as a sexual act but males taking control. These men have the upper hand and persuade women with promotions and raises because they have access. As reported by psychologist John Pryor on psychology today, “factors that make men likely to harass women in the workplaces, are desires to dominate women and endorsement of stereotypic views of male sex-role norms”. Men in the workplace are naturally competitive due to high levels of testosterone and become power hungry. Men are stereotypically enhanced to be powerful which takes away from men being humble. Then women have to work twice as hard, because men are competing to be what’s best. Men are less empathetic over what a woman fights to get which gets in the way of what they desire, to be on top.

Writer Joseph Conrad once said “Being a woman is terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men.” Men have always had the upper hand since the begging of time which makes them already at the top. Women, who have been given little opportunities and some rights, have to be above these stereotypes. This creates a space where gender discrimination is revealed and how men are mentally involved when given access to power. Women, who are less powerful, will most likely be acknowledge if involves a man’ satisfaction. Women should take a stand to equity, because their valves are as important as men who are at the top.

This may be my best possible 2fer because I completed this more individually. I usually get more support from my teachers and peers that help with the process of completing my essay, but I worked by myself. I put more effort into my work knowing that my previous 2fers had mistakes that I made commonly.  Now that I have knowledge based on the guidance that I received from my previous 2fers, I know now that what I need to put my best work forward is challenging myself more to work on my own.


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