Acceptable use policy:

created by: Jade, Alex, Shaion, and Kevin

Technology class :Terms of acceptable usage

1. The three major differences of SLA, SDP, TFI are.....

SLA: The only real restrictions are for social media, media sharing, and pornography.

SDP: Everything that has media sharing, social networking, pornography, file sharing, bit torrenting, spam/hacking sites, and entertainment.

TFI: You cannot go onto shopping site, pornography sites, social networking, file/media sharing, spam/hacking, entertainment, and job searching sites.              

2. The most unfair rule out of all of them (applying to SDP and TFI) are the rules against using a bittorrent, because you can use that type of torrent, to download important information, and programs.

3. A change that could be made to the AUP are as follows:

 - Making is so that certain types of file sharing is enabled so that files, and media are transferable from student to student.

- Another thing that could be changed is the uses of social media. Not all social media but stuff like instagram and tumblr that could help with publishing peoples artwork.

- Also with games that need to be installed via internet,because they can cause viruses that can damage your computer and the software.

4.  Now imagine you have children write an AUP for you homework with your group. Our AUP would block simple things that children should not be on like pornography and illegal downloading  sites that could result in trouble with the government.

Children’s AUP:

No downloading ANYTHING without the password to the computer (which only le parents have)
No a Watching anything pornographic, or sexually inapropriate.
Check with le parents BEFORE making accounts on social media websites.
No bit-torrentin